RASUR – HAAROLS – 7/02/2020

Performance Art
Rivoli 59 – Paris

We have the challenge of tampering with the unknown to find/travel through.
of renewal. »
We are challenged to change the unknown to create renewal. . . Between globalization and standardization,
scandals are trivialized. . .
Provocation refused, by
« You can’t create much, since everything already exists »
as a brake on the engine of creativity.
A moral repression of the anonymous. « Panic » comme a food for the mind,
comme blossoming of a proposal Culotté. « Panic » psychosis learns
the euphoria of fear La solution!
The Living Proximity is alive.
I became a work of art Je are a work of art You are a work of art Tu become a work of art
We become a work of art art
We are a work of art
They become a work of art
Where’s me and you?
I’ll shut up,
I don’t like
A selfish and aesthetic
Ou are the social bodies? Representation, or impression?
Our creative capital, Rasur
We have the choice to be, activate today’s art. . . By daring, we provoke
By being provocative,
we move forward.
In an Exformative artistic approach.
Rasur – Haarlos Exformation
What are these invitations, non-conformist of our time?
In the proximity of global precariousness, in the repression time zone,
in the face of the rigidity of a fearful people. Our anguish ruins all hope
a new training (artistic)
in the air of time.
In the spirit of the times, in the break of time.

100KILO OF FREEDOM – 26/08/2019

RESISTANCE ANONYME – 26/07-29/08/2019

Sihlhalle, Zürich, 26th July – 28th August 2019

« In anticipation of a letter, who am I? » Our ExFormation in the Silhalle will be vi- sible from 26th of July til 29th of August 2019.
We propose to write and answer letters du-
ring 2 months in our new « Of ce » of the Silhalle. To get a high quality answer to the question «Who am I and where is my free– dom?» A combination of circumstances. These anonymous portraits, received by post, meet and form a common story. This carries the boundaries that separate them. From a font that expresses our uniqueness, we form a common space. Starting Mon- day morning. We will be monitoring each other with cctv cameras placed throughout the room and continuously writing and sen- ding.
We offer curious passers-by an open inter- view on the subject, just like we do for the invited guests.

We’ll work with these letters, these lifes that don’t belong to us. We will write, create, correspond all over the world and promote sincere art.

Each correspondent is free to write, paint, photograph. . . . whatever is to be answe- red. Everyone is free to talk about them- selves and their imagination. The art lies in paying attention to surprises and imagi- ning an appropriate interpretation. «Anonymous letters have the big advan- tage that you don’t have to answer them.» ExFormation

We propose a form of resilience with one- self, an open door to write one’s own his– tory. Find something other than what we were looking for.


Forte Magera, Venise

« The skin is a surface, an interface. For a long time, skin has been considered as the limit of the soul, a border between being and the world. But now technology is breaking through this layer. The skin is no longer a barrier » Sterlac
L’art du passage à l’acte… (The art of acting)

We are a performative installation. We are two bodies, back to back,
a barbed wire surrounds us without touching us. We are completely naked and covered with newsprint that is stuck to our skin. We will be deaf, blind, mute, lled with this paper that covers our thoughts like the emptiness of existence. We are motionless like two statues waiting for death. The sound of the clock becomes the echo of society, which remembers bitterly that time is equal, that every second is
valid in a temporality. It is imposed on us that time passes. During this time, we are present in space, little by little we undress from this burden. Through calm and slow movements we regain control over our body. Above us, a dropper pours one drop of blood per second, like the torture of the drop of water. In a soft melody we undress from the information of the infused periodic mass in our thoughts, nights and days. An appointment with madness and mass information, meeting with the memory of the history of current events. Massively spilled, the story of the human inac- tivated, who is a stranger to himself no longer even recognizes his body. Are we becoming a reference in censorship? Our body remembers our posture imposed by societal norms. Through large-scale dissemination we are im- bued with propaganda that becomes our memory.

„Every era has its own trendy body. The body is also ephemeral, it always ends up disap- pearing… (…) By a play on words“ to be or not to appear? All this re- fers to the emptiness of life».
Nicole Tra Ba Vang

In the background, you will see a large format photograph (91. 6x150cm) using the photo transfer tech- nique, there will remain the re ection, the op- posite, the mirror of this photograph. Like a pain- ting rethought with pig’s blood.
It will be these two bo- dies, these two bodies that performance beco- mes the subject. Under the last lights of the sunset, they fall in the middle of picture. The
subject imprisoned in time, forever.

Duration 2h

L’OFFICE DES TAMPONS – 29-15/06/2019

During this residency we created a listening space sensitive to the forms and intensity of the gaze. We present a cleavage between two worlds.

In his artistic approach Olivier Schlund pre– sents his vision, a decadent society painted with blood, like a sarcasm of a global reality. Sophie Scheifele, talks about her intimacy, fa- mily relationship, the collision between men and woman, supported by a photograph of the memories of the passing time.

How much is your work an arti cial way to be part of this society? How is your art just a work to cure your ills?
Seeking to translate these evil into sweet thoughts. Seeking to make the pain palpitate, by accepting it through listening.

Listen to the people who are talking, listen to your own story. We took the blood of pigs to talk about our inner con icts, such as the memory of a stamp.

ETAT DES LIEUX I – 28/05/2019

ETAT DES LIEUX II – 13/06/2019

„Etat des Lieux II“ will be our last intervention in the LATELIER in Sète. By a painful conclusion, we are not bathed in blood, but in red wine. That alcohol, social bonds and general anesthesia. In this inactivity we bath, newspapers empty in our hands. Our environment develops, bombs and storms.

We‘ll remain inconspicuous until the explosion. We destroy everything, only to set our conventions, our ideals, our policies on re under the guise of revolution!

„Outside, the eyes of the animals went from pig to human and from human to pig, and again from pig to human, but already it was impossible to distinguish one from the other. „George Orwell“

DER ZEUGE DIE ZEIT – 1/12/2018

As the rst part of a performance series at Langstrasse, Zurich, we will perform on December 1st, in the name of EXTRAORDINARIUM, at Klaus the crime, for which we will be imprisoned in the second part, August 28, at Sihlhalle (smallest gallery in Europe). This isn‘t gonna be a regular prison. No, it‘s our specially built prison of time. It is these 24 obligatory hours of hu- mans which are considered as information. Now what is between these informal structures? In between we are. Old known parameters of these offences against society and humanity itself, we scream at each other in the face, like an old married couple. And marriage itself is already one of those crimes. Obviously it ends bloody (doesn‘t splash!).

NOW ART – VIE PRIVEE III – 4/05/2019

Wir laden Sie zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung „Now Art » in der Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg, am 4. Mai 2019 ein. ExFormation wird seine Performance-Arbeit „Private Life III » als die letzte einer Serie von 3 Performances präsentieren. Eine dekadente Begegnung, die nackt offenbart, dass es sich um Innereien handelt, es öffnet ihr Herz für die Öffentlichkeit. Sie sind da, um Fragen zu stellen, Ästhetik und Vernunft zu hinterfragen.

ExFormation ist zwischen Performance und Videokunst, ein Engagement, das die Gesellschaft und die Zeit durch nacktes Handeln so nah wie möglich an einen sensiblen und fragilen Menschen stellt. Zwei freie Menschen, die Informationen in Frage stellen.
Ein ungemein großes und friedliches schlafendes Monster, das den aktuellen Informationsfluss wie einen kleines Rinnsal erscheinen lässt.
Eppendorfer Weg 235, 20251 Hambourg
« Vie privée III », was the last part of this chapter.   Exformation created for the first time a performative installation.

“A decadent encounter that reveals naked that these are innards, it opens its heart to the public. They are there to ask questions, to question aesthetics and reason.”

TOD UND VERDERBEN – 09/02/2019

An intervention by Olivier schlund as a body installation for the presentation of Sophie Scheifele’s photographs.“The next exhibition will be cruel !
The next group exhibition TOD UND VERDERBEN with a total of 17 positions looks into the apocalypse now.

The theme has stimulated the artists to engage in a diverse media debate. The works are dark to repulsive, or even ironically playful. What unites the strong and highly diverse works is the will to critical questioning. On display are hundreds of strictly formal drawings of nuclear power plants, as well as an oversized painting reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch. And also photographs, for example of naked men with slaughter cattle on their shoulders. As well as paintings like those of a self-consuming bear. Or objects with images of dictators whose skewered head, torso and leg segments can be rotated and combined as in a well-known children’s game. In a musical live performance, suicidal chants will fill the mighty gallery space with sound and melancholic, abysmal poetry.

A great exhibition, despite all cruelties, provocations and absurdities.
Vernissage: 09. 02. , 18 o’clock
Exhibition dates: 09. to 21. 02. 2019
Opening hours: Wed – Sun, 17 – 20 o’clock »

VIE PRIVEE I & II – 26-27/10/2018

During the « Beyond Art » exhibition in the « InArte Werkkunst » gallery in Hamburg on 26 October 2018, the duo ExFormation composed byVier Und Art (Olivier Schlund) and Sophie Scheifele open on this occasion the vernissage. Vier Und Art presents his work of painting on canvas « InEx« , « Tempus » et « Ambivalent« .
26.10.2018 Hamburg
A performance comes to life in two parts « Vie Privée I & II » (Private Life I & II), the first in Hamburg, to be presented the next day 27 October in Zürch, in the MythenSchloss in partnership with ArtDealer ZH.

This performance always questions, the experience and the feeling. Imobility and movement through nudity. A typographic performance, poetic fashion in the movement of a painting.

Good-natured censorship n°1 « Massengräber & Symptôme » – extracted video
ExFormation (Sophie ScheifeleVier und Art/Olivier Schlund)

First video of the black & white series of Exformation in Cologne. First day of the exhibition, first Performance on the rooftops of the city. 
The titles of the two series presented at the exhibition « Malade imaginaire où névrotique solidaire » (Imaginary illness or neurotic solidarity) of Sophie Scheifele, « Massengräber & Symptôme » are born.

Good-natured censorship n°2 « Vision qui regarde & Akt ist Nicht » extracted video
ExformationOlivier Schlund/Vier Und Art & Sophie Scheifele

Brunch at Mom’s.

*The following video was not authorized by Youtube, we are currently looking for a storage place where artistic nudity is not seen in a pornographic way.

Good-natured censorship n°3 « Errance d’un bute & Suche eine Flut » extracted video
ExFormation:Vier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund & Sophie Scheifele

Sunday in the rain, near the truck storage area.

*The following video was not authorized by Youtube, we are currently looking for a storage place where artistic nudity is not seen in a pornographic way.

Good-natured censorship n°5 « Textur quasi unleserlich & l’autre sans cage » extracted video
ExFormationVier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund & Sophie Scheifele

Public garden, south of the city, house made of windows.

*The following video was not authorized by Youtube, we are currently looking for a storage place where artistic nudity is not seen in a pornographic way.

Good-natured censorship n°6 « Cube & Der Kube » extracted video
ExFormationSophie Scheifele & Vier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund

*The following video was not authorized by Youtube, we are currently looking for a storage place where artistic nudity is not seen in a pornographic way.

Censure positive n°7 « Miroir de société & Vom Modernen Menschen » extrait vidéo
ExFormation Vier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund & Sophie Scheifele

*The following video was not authorized by Youtube, we are currently looking for a storage place where artistic nudity is not seen in a pornographic way.

Exhibition n°79 Photoszene in Cologne of Sophie Scheifele/ Work in progress ExFormation

During the photography exhibition in Cologne in September 2018, in the context of the PHOTOSZENE. The owner of Stadtwaldholz, invited us ExFormation(Vier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund & Sophie Scheifele) as performance duo and Sophie Scheifele n° 79 in the catalogue as photographer for this exhibition.

During these ten days, we used time, city, public and private places and events, to perform once a day. 
Each video creates sense and makes visible the title of two exposed works every day. These performances were linked to each other. Ten days, two titles per day, 20 photographies that sneak up and down and reveals their title in the official text of the Exhibition. So it weaves the meaning of the performances with these titles. They are a good-natured censorship of the initial text, every day the text is reduced, the links merge.

Live paintingExFormation Vier-Und-Art/Olivier SchlundSophie Scheifele

Work in Progress; PHOTOSZENE N°78 September 2018, Cologne.

The live Painting was a 190x200cm photograph of an empty, dehumanized coal mine landscape close to Leipzig (DE). 
We Exformation (Vier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund & Sophie Scheifele), came to life on this photography and thru the projection of the same frame in a video and photographic format, the basic photography takes the movement of time. We were naked choreographic dancing in this macabre landscape, we brought back a form of life in this dreary place. Using a longterm exposure, we became clouds of humans, ghosts in the middle of the day. 

The live painting will come to life in the third part of this project, a stream of free poetry that is improvisated on the different layers of transparent foil filter adapted to each photography that will give us the negative that reflects our intentions, our impressions of the moment. Every day we propose a new layer a new vision of this photography, of this society.

APPEL O SENS – 19-29/04/2018

» Appel O sens » résidence, Horizon Beatume Marseille 
Meeting with an audience that passes through this deadlock « Des Folie Bergère » between the tram and the entrance of the Panier district in Marseille on 29th of April 2018. 
« Impres-sens » and « Foule essence » was the result of an artist residency.
A meeting of bodies and medium that took place over 10 days, with 5 different medium, senses and artists: Lohr Touati (theatre), Vier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund (painting and body), Laetitia Reboul (Dance), Lara Hoqu (intellectual), Sophie Scheifele (Photography and video) .

On the occasion of the Horizon Beatume festival, it was a meetingpoint of the classic five senses, a meeting of points of view. Plus an interesting work shop at Cirva;  International Research Centre on Glass and Plastic Arts. We shared the thoughts on the senses from many surroundings artists, like Cathy Pollini, who worked and studied on the senses since more than ten years . Two performances came to life, in the heart of the Marseille district.

 » Foule essence  » was the second performance, a stroll through the Panier district, a theatrical awakening.

20L MILK – 17/06/2018

At the « Weltraumball der Kuriositäten »  festival in the « Space Monkey » on 17 June 2018, in Zurich. The duo ExFormation composed by Vier Und Art (Olivier Schlund) and Sophie Scheifelepresents its first performance 20L Milk took shape, for the opening of the festival organized by the Amphithatre .

« 20L Milk« , reflects society in a club setting, on a Friday evening, where techno is the only mode of communication, where human do not ask questions about their every day, we confront them with our fears and inactions.

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