EXFORMATION, Performance Duo

This performance duo ExFormation has been in existence since 2018. The artistic encounter of  Vier und Art (Olivier Schlund) painter and Sophie Scheifele photographer.
ExFormation is between performance and video art, a commitment that questions society, time through naked actions as close as possible to a sensitive and fragile human being. 
This blog presents our work in collaboration with other artists, places, ideas, projects and our daily dynamics.

ExFormation = Sophie Scheifele + Olivier Schlund

In contrast to the word and its sense, it is a new formation, two free human individuals, who question information as a measurable value by means of the performing arts. Everything that lies between the information in a matrix filled with scientific parameters is processed. So to speak all the words that are never spoken in a conversation.

An immensely large, peacefully slumbering monster, which makes the present flow of information appear as a small trickle.

Exformation (originally spelled eksformation in Danish) is a term coined by Danish science writer Tor Nørretranders in his book The User Illusion published in English 1998. It is meant to mean explicitly discarded information. However, the term also has other meanings related to information, for instance « useful and relevant information »[1] or a specific kind of information explosion.[2] 

Vier-Und-Art/ Olivier Schlund, painter passing thru various mediums into the graphic, abstract, figurative, explanatory way of a romantic, poetic kind of work.

Sophie Scheifele, photographer, visual art, « vacuum poetry photographer« . Assembly games in dark universes, naked without erotic convention.

Coming up 2021-2021
_11/2020_ ExFormation “L’empreinte blanche IV”, streaming art festival Chile for the first international performance triennial DEFORMES 2020
_/08/2020_Residency / Exhibition – “L’empreinte blanche VI” _ With Terra Rossa LAB_ Palermo
_20-27/06/21_ Performance in the Queen mary university whit Action Hybride, London
7-10/05/2021_ Exhibition Carcasse in the OFF nude photography of Arles _ Odyssette galerie with Action Hybide
12.10/03/2022_Residence performance « Cabaret Dyslexique » by ExFormation
_ 1.02-1.06/2022, Résidence with the femme Nettwork-Kouni Mra, Cassablanca_Maroc

And More

_Berlin_22/08/2020_”L’empreinte blanche III”, installation performative_ Gaswerksiedlung Berlin
_17.08_ “L’empreinte blanche II”, XJAZZ, Berlin
_15.08_ “L’empreinte blanche I” – Au SALONS,
invited by Magdalena Maatkare
_07.02_ Performance « Rasure » Exformation whit (music) DeadwoodIn the galerie of 59 Rivoli with Action Hybride – Paris, 2 h28.
01/9.02._ Exhibition « I am my body, I am my memorie » _ whit Action Hybride, in the galerie of 59 rivoli_ Paris

_24-28.11_ « Calendar Adelaïde », for Erotic Art Exhibition London, Photography
_28.10_ Performance « Exformiert euch » in  BUNKERHILLGalerie Hamburg for Nackt Akt Fakt 
_26.07-3.09_ Resistance of ExFormaiton in Sihlhalle
_26.07_ « Liberté au bureau » performance in the Sihlhalle
_28.08_ « 100Kilo de liberté » Performance and Art auction
_20-23.06_Whit Action Hybride, « I AM MY BODY, I AM MY MEMORY », multidisciplinary festival of Contemporary Arts, in Venice, at Officine Forte Marghera – Off Biennale Venice
_29-16.06 ExFormation Duo exhibition residencies « L’office des Tampons » in the Galerie L’Atelier, Sète_(FR) – Durant Image Singulière
_16-23.05 ExFormation project « Luscus Pics« , Steetfoodfestival, Zürich_(CH)
_9.02-21.02 in the BUNKERHILLGalerie/Hilldegarden in Hamburg
_28.02-10.02 residencies ExFormation with Olivier Schlund, Sicile (IT)
_4.05-24.06. Now Art Fair with ExFormation « Vie privée III », Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg Hamburg (GR)
_15-19.04 residencies of Melina Bomal with ExFormation  » « L’univers passera par ma fente », au Collectif12, Mantes la Jolies_(FR)

_ »Horizon Beatume II« , Creation of the « Open day’s of the Ateliers », in the Panier in Marseille_(FR)
_Creation of the residencies « Appel O sens« , in Marseille_(FR)
I invite 5 artists to create with a oder notion of senses, we was with
Oliviers Schlund, Laetitia ReboulLaure Touati, Lara, and myself
Guest, Catherine Pollini, and the Cirva « Centre international de recherche sur le verre et les arts plasitique »
_Exhibtion Solo of photography « Maladie imaginaire où Névrotique Solidaire » and conceptualisation with ExformationPhotoszene Cologne_(GR).
In the context of this exhibition, ExFormation have done 10 performances, for one every day of the exhibition_(GR)
_Performation of ExFormation Duo with Vier-Und-Art, « 20l milk », Zürich,_(CH)
_Performance of ExForamtion with Olivier Schlund « Vie Privée I & II », Hamburg and Zurich (GR_CH)
_Exhibition collective « Chrome« , Berlin_(GR)
_Performance of Exformation with Vier-Und-Art, « Der Zeuge die Zeit », Zürich_(CH)
_ Exhibition collective Art Dealers _Zürich (CH)
_ Collective Exhibition « R*Evoltion » by Femme Fractal, Berlin_(GR)

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